Storytelling in fashion

Mixité: Talking Hands atelier spring summer collection made with our fabrics by tailors requesting asylum

The choice of materials, pattern and tailoring techniques used in the Spring Summer Mixité collection are the natural implementation of the Talking Hands project philosophy: a tale through fashion, embodied in all the design steps that a fashion collection entails, as chapters of a group biography, composed of individual travel narratives that flow into the same place, at the same time, to plan and realize together their own future and not only.

The Work Jacket pattern of the Mixité collection speaks to us of the concept of functionality of the garment by remarking on the aspiration to personal fulfillment through the professional one. The Talking Hands atelier activities are coordinated by tailors Sanryo Cissey, Lamin Saidy, Ansumana Kineth and Moussa Touré, from Gambia and Senegal. The African prints Wax Hollandais, Super-Wax and Java for the Mixité collection speak to us of culture, the one-size-fits-all unisex suit speaks of equality, patchwork tells us about integration.

Behind the scenes of the Mixité project there is the mastery of fashion designer Anthony Knight and textile designer Annnaclara Zambon, since the first editions collaborators of La Via Della Lana, they instinctively thought of Lanificio Paoletti fabrics to make the head of the Fabrizio Urettini’s idea concrete, head of the laboratory.

The materials chosen for the realization of the items in the Mixité collection express two other important concepts, that of circular economy and that of uniqueness. In fact, these are test fabrics or processing scraps outside the logic of mass production and wpuld have been otherwise destined to remain unused. They are fabrics that encompass all the creative concentration of our technical office and a high casual component with their intertwining patterns and colors, born from the combination of linen, cotton and silk yarns produced in Italy and processed by our looms. Thus the bicentennial history of our textile manufacture has become part of the interweaving of stories “told by hands” by the Talking Hands workshop.

The project is visually enhanced by fashion photographer Francesco De Luca, who was with us during the presentation of the collection at Lanificio Paoletti on Thursday 28 February 2019, giving us the images that color this post.

Lanificio Paoletti