Il Professore

At the beginning of the new semester of Anthony Knight's Patternmaking course at University IUAV in Venice, we had the chance to observe the "Prof" in action.

Anthony has been teaching and developing the Patternmaking Atelier for 15 years, since the Fashion Design programme's inception in 2005. It is a core class for the BA degree and all students must pass through his rigorous training course.

With his extensive industry experience and sartorial design training, Anthony gives his students the discipline they will need to excel in the real world of fashion.

Anthony has worked with designer labels such as Rick Owens, Moschino, Calvin Klein, Emilio Cavallini and many other fashion houses.

His teachings go beyond the technical by training the students to fulfill a brief, opening their minds to a global vision of fashion, unleashing their creative imagination. His aim is to give his students solid, in-depth industry knowledge and set the basis for the rest of their courses with tutoring in stylistic development, materials research and fashion history, as well as training them in the fine craft of patternmaking and clothing construction.

He is both a very well-loved and somewhat feared professor.


Professor Anthony Knight with Assistant Professor Ethel Lotto

Moodboards and student

Patternmaking Students in Atelier

Sample Lesson

"My methods are very simple. I want my students to listen and understand what I'm teaching but at the same time they must always be open to other methods. In class we discuss the human body, looking at the differences around the world, starting with height, weight, bone structure, movement. I'm encouraging my students to move away from the model figure and beauty, and to really start looking at the Human Body, even their own. Throughout the course, the students have the opportunity to see, touch and wear original vintage samples. I believe this is the moment when students start to think and imagine new ideas, stimulated by the fabrics.

What I'm trying to achieve is to get my students to respect patternmaking as an art or science. It is not just a matter of reading a book on patternmaking, it has to be tried and tested."

IUAV University Campus Venice

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